Bella Huddart

Bella Huddart is an interior and lifestyle designer living and working between London and Barcelona. Bringing up her six children has given her the skills required for tackling many obstacles that life brings. This has created a enthusiasm that reflects a plethora of different cultures, experiences and specifications; she strongly believes that living environments mirror peoples personalities.  

Beginning her working life in the fashion room at British Vogue, working for Grace Coddington,  massively contributed to Bella developing her passion for visual aesthetics. 

One of latest yet most relevant solo projects to have built Bella's career is the project in Marylebone for Giovanni and Amber Testino, which required input at every level from off plan to completion, including all the fabrics and furnishings.   

Her work and life story has been featured in various prestigious fashion and interior design magazines, such as: House & Garden, Homes&Property, EveningStandard, Dove, etc. 

Her love for travel and textiles, organizing her life between London and Barcelona, together with bringing up a family and her interior design projects, have played a huge role in creating her personal style which falls between chic and everyday living. 

To know more about Bella Huddart and her work, check the rest of her website or contact her directly.